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Palazzo Strozzi in Florence

One of the finest examples of Renaissance residential architecture. Florence’s largest temporary exhibition space

Situated between Piazza Strozzi and via Tornabuoni in the heart of Florence, the Palazzo Strozzi is one of the finest examples of Renaissance residential architecture. It was commissioned by the Florentine merchant Filippo Strozzi and the foundations were laid in 1489 according to a design by Benedetto da Maiano. A year later the project was given to Simone del Pollaiolo, known as Cronaca, who worked on it until 1504 but the palazzo was only finally finished in 1538. The palazzo remained the property of the Strozzi family until 1937. Since 1999 it has been managed by the City of Florence.

From the time of the Second World War the Palazzo has been Florence’s largest temporary exhibition space. Among the major exhibitions held at Palazzo Strozzi have been the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (1949), Le Corbusier (1963), Gustav Klimt (1991), Botticelli and Filippo Lippi (Italy’s most visited exhibition in Italy in 2004), Cézanne in Florence (2007), Bronzino: Artist and Poet at the Court of the Medici (which received international acclaim in 2010) Picasso Mirò Dalì – Angry Young Men: The Birth of Modernity (2011), Money & Beauty: The Bankers, Botticelli and the Bonfire of the Vanities (2011), Americans in Florence: Sargent and the American Impressionists (2012), The Russian Avant-Garde, Siberia and the East (2013), Pontormo and Rosso, Diverging Paths of Mannerism (2014), Power and Pathos, Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World (2015) and currently, Sculptures Also Die, a reflection of contemporary sculpture designed to tie in with the exhibition, Power and Pathos, Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World.

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Italy’s first autonomous public-private foundation, was established in 2006. Founded by the City of Florence, the Province of Florence, the Florentine Chamber of Commerce and an association of private partners (APPS), it is chaired by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, a sitting member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank. Under the leadership of Director Arturo Galansino, its multi-faceted mission has been to bring an international approach to creating culture in Florence, to provide a platform for experimentation, to provide a place for debate and discussion, to create new synergies with other cultural players, and to be a catalyst for cultural change.

Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi

Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi is an independent foundation in Florence, Italy chaired by Leonardo Ferragamo, and founded in 2006. Private institutions and individuals count themselves among its founding members and partners. Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi’s members and partners are united around the goal of contributing to the success of one of the original joint private-public philanthropic initiatives in Italy, through a number of methods.
Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi’s mission is to support the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi through private involvement and with the overarching goal of promoting art and culture for the goodwill of Florence.