Dear All,

In this moment of uncertainty for international travels, due to the COVID-19 virus, the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation USA is rethinking and adjusting the 2020 Palazzo Strozzi High School Renaissance competition dynamics and the summer trip award to Italy for the winners of our competition.

While developing a contingency plan and alternatives to traveling as a reward for the winners, we urge you at this time not to suspend or cancel the essay competition in your school as we think it still will be important for the students that have worked through the year to be recognized and to use their participation as an additional resource for their college application process.

We are therefore continuing the process but we are introducing the following changes and innovations:

A) The deadline for the essay on-line delivery has been postponed to April 21, 2020. Flexibility will be paramount in these challenging times.

B) Once we will receive from each school the list of the six finalists, should difficult conditions persist, we will organize the interviews and selection process remotely possibly through Skype/Facetime/Zoom.

C) As we understand how important our winners awards are for preparing the students for a better college application process, we are considering alternatives that can deliver the same objective such as free packages for individual SAT Test preparation for the winners that will be entirely paid and organized by the Foundation.

We at Palazzo Strozzi, remain available for any further questions, suggestions, mutually agreed innovations.

Also on behalf of our Chairman Mario Calvo-Platero, we thank you for your kind assistance and attention, we, of course, would be available for any help we can give and contribute in difficult times.

With care for our community,

Palazzo Strozzi Foundation USA